Monday, December 28, 2009

She knew it all along!

Remember the infamous Edison Chen sex saga scandal?

Contrary to popular belief, that bugger who uploaded those photos wasn't the first to expose this...

Jolin knew the truth long long ago! Why I say so?

If... you look for her song titled Mr.Q (which is really damn kau old song), she already knew when that song is produced...

Just you look at the lyrics, the second verse (after the first time chorus to be exact), she even has a hidden message for Edison (Edison was in that song's MV)...

说你愿意 为了我幸福开始吃素
放弃森林 好好只照顾一颗树木

There you go...

That's why I said, she knew it all along! And she already sing it out loud to us all long long ago!
(Direct translation of the lyrics, by demand)
Say you're willing; For my happiness, start being vegetarian
Give up the forest; Just take good care of one tree

(But then, if you don't understand the Chinese saying, it's hard to comprehend what this 2 sentences mean though... basically being vegetarian and taking care of just one tree, they just mean: stop screwing around, be loyal to one chick only lah...)


atreyu strange said...

Alaa.. I don't understand Chinese la. Try to translate it back to English, will you? Hahaha.

RealGunners said...

aye aye sir, done :P