Monday, January 04, 2010

Bye Bye Noughties!

About this time last year, I did a New Year Resolution post, here.

Now is the time to review the results:

1. Hang on to my job - could not have turned out better I suppose, I made myself sort of important for the team, got converted from contract to permanent staff, got my 1st ever bonus and increment. Good job to myself in this :)

2. Clean up all my financial shits - still in progress, it's much tidier now compared to the same time last year, but still lots of work to do.

3. Savings/Invest - No savings, but I do have a couple of shares of the company, bought through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. My blog also gives me at least RM10 income per month even when I'm not active now, so I guess that's an investment too, eh?

4. Cashout from Nuffnang for the 1st time - Done it middle of October, got it early December, although it's just slightly over RM100, it feels damn good too! Hopefully this is only the 1st of many cheques to come :)

5. Turn from Fat Buu into Kid Buu - fail, 失败, 衰咗, gagal =.=" only manage to maintain current weight and size...

So... 3 greens and 1 brown out of 5, not bad what???
Hmm, maybe I should set another 5 goals this year, sempena the new decade...

1. Gain promotion - my manager said, the company reviews and offers promotion twice a year, and 1 promotion cycle should take maximum 2 years. If you don't get promoted in 2 years time, it means either you sucks, or your division sucks, time to move on. Well, this is my 2nd year, hopefully its my time now.

2. More investment - Am looking into precious metal (gold, silver etc). With the US$ bouncing around so much, definitely need some hedge. Of course, continue to purchase the company's stock in a steady quantity.

3. Change car - Currently, only Myvi is within sight. My gut feeling tells me my SLK will not last much more rounds of Penang-KL-Penang trips.

4. Cashout from Nuffnang for the 2nd time - hopefully the amount will be more than the 1st time.

5. Turn from Fat Buu to Kid Buu - Again!! This time must succeed!!!


Emperor said...

Good Luck! And don't worry about not being the Skinny Buu yet, wasn't he strongest when he was Fat Buu?

RealGunners said...

Emperor: thanks, but.. did you watch Dragon Ball or not? the Fat Buu was totally walloped lah =.="