Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Submarine able to dive after repairs

SUBANG (Feb 28, 2010): Malaysia's first submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, which had a mechanical fault that prevented it from diving, has been repaired and is fully operational.

In announcing this today, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the submarine "is rectified and can dive. It is fully operational".

Asked if he had participated in the submarine’s test dive, Ahmad Zahid said he was advised against it but stressed he had faith in the Royal Malaysian Navy officers.


I hope those big shot buggers will be brave enough to join the test dive. After all, isn't it what they are best at? Making the headlines for these petty "achievements"?

Oh ya btw, the statements are kind of blur right? Last time said cannot dive but fully operational. Now can dive already and fully operational. Can it surface then? Since it cannot dive, nobody tried to see if it can surface or not, right?

If the buggers hop on the test dive, and the test found out cannot surface, then it would be money well spent, teach em' buggers a lesson...

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due to the uncertainty of the ability of the faulty submarine to resurface after submergence, the minister of defence is advised against being in the vessel and participating directly in the test dive.

i imagine that this was what they mentioned to him, that didn't make it to the press.