Sunday, April 25, 2010


Throughout our lives, we will face countless crossroads where we have to make choices... sometimes we are prepared to make them, sometimes we are not...

And sometimes, we thought we are ready to make the choice... but when we finally reached the crossroad,

We realized we're pawned! It is not a conventional crossroad!!!

Wanted to turn right, but there's only the left turn... Wanted to go straight ahead, but there's only left or right turn... bo bian lo, have to re-route the journey at sudden notice, and get some delays in the process...

Have you been confronted by this makes-people-pissed-off situation before?
BTW, I wanted to share some words of wisdom from the sometimes erratic, always pretty, this time spot on Cassie:

Your life is your ride, and you are your life's driver. It is up to you to be the Michael Schumacher or the Alex Yoong of your life; it is also up to you to turn your life into a Ferrari or a Minardi.

(She seems to be out of touch with F1 for quite some years though...)

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