Monday, June 28, 2010

On the way to Rocky Mountain

It's sacrilegious to tell people that you've been to Loveland and never been to Rocky Mountain, it's like... it's like... telling people that you've been to KL and never went up the Petronas Twin Towers, or that you've been to Penang and never been to Kek Lok Si...

*Although I have never done both also lah, living in KL for 22 years and working in Penang for 2 years*

Anyway, Rocky Mountain is a national park, and the pride on northern Colorado. It's a 45 minutes drive from Loveland (if you are driving at a constant 70 miles/hour)

The drive to the national park brought back memories of Scotland. Yet it was also so different, instead of grass and greens, we get rocks on the both sides of the road. Probably not unjustified, why else would our destination be called Rocky Mountain?

In between Loveland and Rocky Mountain national park, we passed by a small scale hydroelectric dam called the Idylwilde Dam. It's really very small, I guess it only powers a very small town which I'm going to mention in the last part of this post.

Let me introduce you to "The Cannon",

No lah, actually I don't know what is this called. But it's used to flow the snow that melt into water into the river.

And then, let me introduce you to a public toilet that is probably on par with China's notorious toilets,

You know why I said what I just said? See this,

That's the toilet bowl for you. Let's give you another angle,

This hole, goes straight to the river. I hope you're not eating or just finished eating when you see this picture ^^.

And then, in between the Idylwilde Dam and Rocky Mountain national park, there's this place for us to stop by and go to the stream,

I thought it's called the Trout Streams,

But it's not lah, trout is a kind of fish, trout streams merely mean streams that are full of trouts.

It's called the Big Thompson River.

There's even people fishing for trouts here,

just for hobby though, because they cannot bring their catch(es) home with them...

Shortly before the entrance to the national park, we passed by a small town called Estes Park (which I mentioned is where the dam powers, I guess). This place used to be a settlement for the native Indians, and it still is, albeit with a healthy mix of white Americans...

With a dose of good ol' wild wild west...

Next post onwards will be what we saw inside the area that is known as Rocky Mountain national park... and yes, I use onwards because there will be a few posts. Stay tuned...

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