Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cinema Adventures

Was at the cinema alone to watch Predators yesterday evening. It seems like every time I go to the cinema alone, interesting things happen...

Last time I went alone, I encountered blatant liars. This time, I have three things to share...

1. My looks pass as a Penangite

You see, I was the first to enter the hall, it was still 15 minutes before the show starts, so the hall is still brightly lit and it was easier to be aware what's going on around you.

There was this group of 4, 2 couples I presume, they came in, went to the row of seats behind me, weaved through the whole row, then make it to the same row as me on the other side, see picture below for better understanding.

(I was at D18, they were sitting at D10-D13)

The guys walked behind the girls and followed them through this zig zag.

Guy: 点解你要甘样行? 直头前面入米得咯? (Why you wanna walk like this, enter from the row in front mai can lo?)
Girl: 前面有人坐住吗 (Got people sitting in front ma *that "people" was referring to me*)
Guy: 讲excuse me啦 (Say excuse me la)
Girl: 唔好意思吗 (Paiseh ma *shit I forgot the English term for this*)

They were talking quite loudly, just a few seats away from me. They thought I don't understand Cantonese, they don't know I am KL kia =.="

2. A couple can communicate in 4 different languages

Shortly after incident #1, I heard a couple talking behind me, didn't look back so not sure where they were sitting though...

Guy: 你肚唔肚饿? 我出去买D野比你食好唔好? (Are you hungry? I go out buy something for you to eat ok?)
Girl: 不用啦, 戏要开始了, 看完才去吃啦 (No need la, the movie is going to start soon, eat after finish the movie la)
Guy: Nevermind la, I go and buy now, very fast one.
Girl: Men la! Sit down! (Men, hokkien = no need)

Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Hokkien.... @@

No wonder people say Malaysians are language experts...

3. People have their dinner in the cinema for evening shows

I was watching as people begin to flock into the hall, and very soon the hall was filled with aromatic smell. Sitting at a seat relatively back from the screen, I paid attention to what people brought into the hall. All of them were food bought from the counters outside. I saw people bringing in (in chronological order, more or less): fish and chips, hot dog, hot dog, hot dog, cup corn, hot dog, fish and chips, hot dog, hot dog, nuggets, hot dog, chicken meat balls, hot dog, hot dog, cup corn, fish and chips, hot dog, hot dog.....

I think I was the only idiot that bought pop corn....


mireillie said...

i love eating in the cinema ;) a huge feast. ^_^

by the way, you forgot 1 language that they can speak, Singlish (i'm singaporean so i don't know if you guys call it manglish LOL).

RealGunners said...

Lolzzz.. but i didn't hear that particular couple use manglish :P

ken said...

eh.. i always buy popcorn when i watch movies! a must.. haha, unless im full lah =)

RealGunners said...

i buy popcorn most of the time, although i try to buy less nowadays, because i'm getting fatz :(

never liked the hot dogs type of food though, i feel that they are a trouble eating in the dark environment of the movie hall..