Saturday, August 28, 2010

Business Trip again...

Last week, I was given a sudden notice to travel again. My boss came to me on Monday, about 3pm, and said: "Lok, you will be traveling tomorrow morning."
So, with last minute flight/hotel arrangements, I was at the airport the following morning...

The destination was Johor Bahru, but as usual, we would take Silkair to Changi and make the short trip back into Malaysia.

This is not the first time I'm traveling to JB, this is not the first time I'm traveling in RM1000 flights, this is not the first time I'm staying in RM300/night hotels, this is not the first time I...

Ok, I think I should refrain from appearing to be cocky about the cost of my travel... although it's not something to be excited about, being pampered during business trips is one of the perks of working for a big MNC... and I'm sure there's many out there who had much more extravagant experiences that me...

And I wasn't excited, to be honest, there was no motivation to keep track of my whole journey in JPG format, I only snapped some photos during our transit in Singapore...

Touch down @ Changi

The CM audit team

We arrived at Changi 11.20am, our JB transport is going to pick us up 3.00pm at Orchard Road (don't know which genius arranged this =.=")

So, off to Orchard Road we went. All of them had no idea what to explore in Orchard Road, so I brought them to ION. Then we split up.

You know, it was the month of Ramadan, so the berpuasa folks went to do something else, me and another colleague went looking for lunch.

After awhile walking, I look at him, he look at me,

"Wanna eat pork?"
"Want! Want!"

So we ended up here

We were tired and thirsty from the flight and walking,

Some red bean frost to quench the thirst

But let's move on to the main point...

This is the main point

Open it up,

台湾卤肉饭 Taiwan Minced Pork Rice

Woohoo!!! A simple yet glorious 5-star non-halal goodness!!!

Set it up nicely on a small plate

For a balanced diet, we also ordered a vegetable dish,

Claypot Vege with Century Egg

But we just couldn't resist the pork attraction, so...

客家咸猪肉 Hakka Salty Pork

This one doesn't taste very good... not that salty to be honest... but it's pork, so, who cares?
After fulfilling our stomach, there's basically nothing else to do for me. The colleague went off on his own to do some shopping.

Me, there was no sale going on, even if there was, it would not be applicable to me. There was no plan for me to travel anyway, it was end of the month, so... you know... tsk tsk... haih...

So I went to Starbucks to sit down and kill some time, then slowly walk back to our meeting point in front of the Meritus Mandarin hotel...

Youth Olympics is going on in the island

A special sport category in this version of the Games

Then, I wonder if there's any upcoming fashion show,

Saw lots of these along the road

I don't have any photos for the rest of the business trip, don't even wanna talk about it either, so... ciaozz...

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