Thursday, November 04, 2010

Appreciation Lunch @ US Pizza

Every year end is the time where all the Jusco stores in Malaysia will have the Back To School fair, this includes the one at Bandar Perda in Penang.

It is also the time of the year where my dad grows older much more quickly due to the inability to find promoters to work.

I will always try to help him to search for suitable candidates, this year however, I have a very good helper.

You see, my dad doesn't pay me for my trying to help him, so it would be weird if I were to pay my helper for her help, so instead, I brought her out for lunch as a token of appreciation.

Venue is US Pizza @ Green Lane. It is a small scale, cosy, and highly localized pizzeria, and the best part is, you can only find this eatery in Penang, KL does not have it.

The helper mentioned is known as Cili Padi, and due to her helpful nature, also known as Angel.

This place has buy one free one promotion every Tuesday, but it will be packed to the full on that day and the dining experience will be bad, so we decided to go today. After all, wanna show appreciation cannot be kiam siap about promotions right?

We ordered the Value Set for 2. Actually I don't know whether this is the name for the set or not, I just made the name up, it's just a set meal that serves 2 person.

It comes with Malaysian-ized American Iced Tea,

4 pieces Cinnamon Bread Stix (which I forgot to capture the photo of),

A regular sized Malaysian-ized pizza (9 inches), we ordered the Ocean Delight.

Actually is Ocean something la, I'm not sure is it Ocean Delight or something else, forgot to pay attention to the menu...

6 pieces Malaysian-ized New York Wings.

At RM33++, it is not exactly the cheapest pizza meal we can get, but... but... just look at the toppings on the pizza... sorry to say this but Pizza Hut and Domino's are absolutely pawned!

A good day out for lunch this is... today being Friday makes it much better too... and of course going out with a girl makes it even much much betterer lah, as always...

Today is Friday right? I know tomorrow no need to work :P

(Photos courtesy of the A phone)


melmonica said...

Woah, you're so right! The topping if US Pizza says it all. Might try it when I head up to Penang.

Have a great weekend! Cheerios x)

RealGunners said...

you might have a hard time finding it though, the location is not exactly prime..

Casendra said...

"We ordered the Value Set for 2. Actually I don't know whether this is the name for the set or not, I just made the name up..."

hahaha.. I like this attitude! It will be stress free to write blog! I think u were too excited to remember the set name lah.. makan with girl :P

man the pizza made me hungry now... ==' better go sleep. ehehe

RealGunners said...

glad u like this way, not many people will appreciate this type of sarcasm though... you'd get lots of these Clarkson-ism if you watch Top Gear though :D