Wednesday, July 27, 2011


某人问道:为什么你煮的蔬菜来来去去不是玻璃生 (lettuce) 就是小白菜(chinese cabbage)?

我的答案:林北多数都是煮给自己吃的,买菜是周末去吉之岛* (Jusco) 买而不是去巴刹买。吉之岛卖的蔬菜,量少又耐久的就这两样,买来买去也就这两样,所以煮来煮去也就这两样。

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我的答案:简单的说 => 平靓正。啰里啰唆的说 => 高蛋白质不在话下(废话,鸡蛋不高蛋白质还有什么高蛋白质?),独自个儿可以做成一道菜,又可以用做别道菜的 "润滑剂" ,那么好得材料,不多点用它不是很白痴?

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某人最后问道:Why so much bacon?发左达啊?

我的最后答案:(Quote Harley: Because it's delicious! And there's no such thing as too much bacon!) 详情请看 Epic Meal Time


T_T said...

Broccoli and carrot are also those vegetable that could tahan longer and rich of vitamin. Somemore their color cantik and make your cooking look nice... Try to consider it in your next dish^^

Btw, I love egg too... hehe... stir fried, deep fried, steamed, boiled, raw...still the best and easiet. Don't think any food could replace it :p

RealGunners said...

ohh.. broccoli... good suggestion =)