Sunday, July 10, 2011

良师父一人饭 Chef Leong's Single Meal Rice

Sunday is always a pain in the arse for me in terms of hunting for lunch. You see, I stay in an area dominated by factory workers. The kopitiams nearby mostly do not operate, or have limited operations on Sundays.

And, I'm tired of noodles, so today, I decided that I should have rice for lunch, and I should cook myself.


~ 4 x bacon strips
~ 1 x chinese cabbage
~ 1 x egg
~ half a cup of rice


1. Wash the rice, and begin boiling in the rice cooker.
2. Lay out the strips.

3. Chop the strips into small pieces.
4. Cut the chinese cabbage into pieces, do the pesticide removal maneuver.

5. Heat up the pan, throw the chopped up strips in, stir fry until they turn golden brown.

6. Get the strips out of the pan onto a plate, leave the bacon oil behind.
7. Reason to use bacon as the meat is because it releases bacon oil. With this good stuff, we don't need no cooking oil and garlic.
8. Put the vege in, stir fry for a minute or so, pop an egg into the mix, stir fry for another minute or so.

9. The most delicious stir fried vege is ready, serve. Since it's a 1 person meal, just serve the vege and the bacon on top of the rice.

10. Job done...


Casendra said...

Now that I suspect my mama is same kampung with your mother! Hahaha, u know how long I didn't see people using egg to fried vege??! This is exactly what she cooked when I was young! Ahaha u've brought back some old memories of mine...tq... :)

RealGunners said...

hmm.. actually my mom not exactly use egg on vege all the time, the egg trick is relatively new, i think less than 10 years, and i am the only one that enjoy it like this in the house, i think.. hehehe =P