Tuesday, July 26, 2011

极品焖伊面 Premium Braised Yee Mee

If you haven't noticed, most of my cooking involves getting the end result into 1 single bowl/plate. This is because throwing everything into 1 pot/pan/wok is much much much easier compared to cooking separate dishes and much much easier to wash afterwards the ultimate way to mix the essence of many types of food and make the meal more delicious.

Today's dinner is much the same...


* 1 x 伊面 (yee mee/egg noodle)
* 1 x 番茄 tomato
* 1 x 鸡蛋 egg
* 4 pieces 白蘑菇 white button mushroom

* remnants of whatever 玻璃生菜 lettuce and 小白菜 small chinese cabbage I have got left

* 2 x small slice chicken breast fillet
* 4 x bacon strips


1. Soak the noodle in water.
2. Pesticide removal maneuver on the vegetables.
3. If the noodle has not turned soft, slice the mushrooms.
4. If the noodle still has not turned soft, cut the tomatoes into 8 pieces.
5. If the noodle still has not turned soft, cut the chicken and bacon into pieces.
6. i) By now, if the noodle still refuses to turn soft, it means either your noodle has problems, or you have problems. Throw the noodle away and get some replacement.
6. ii) Drain the water from the noodle.
7. Heat some oil in a wok, oil popping maneuver on the bacon. Mix the bacon oil and cooking oil well.
8. Throw in the chicken, and then the tomato cuts, and then the mushroom slices, and then the vegetables, and then the noodle into the wok, in the sequence as above-mentioned, in 20 seconds interval. Keep stirring the mix while doing this.
9. Stir for a minute or two. When the tomato looks to be sufficiently softened, crush them.
10. Add half a cup of water, and pop the egg into the mix.
11. Cover up the wok, let it braise for 2 - 3 minutes.
12. Open cover, take in the glorious sight for a few seconds, snap a photo if you would.

13. Serve.
14. Clean up the kitchen.
15. Job done.

You can use the same ingredients, minus the noodle, plus more water, and replace the wok with a pot, then the end result would be 极品一品锅 Premium First Class Pot.


Casendra said...

还会勾'qian' 啊,厉害!

RealGunners said...

it wasn't intentional de... i just wanted to make my noodle wet a bit, then after add the egg, become like that lo... kekekeke