Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Epic Marybone Time

My cooking skills were acquired when I was in Liverpool. Back then, we were staying in a student accommodation called the Marybone. Five of us shared a same flat unit, and most of us had zero cooking skills.

We were adventurous and creative though. And we used those qualities to make sure we feed ourselves with proper food. It was an arduous journey.

In the beginning, we were rubbish. We either cooked up a mess,

or restrict ourselves to simple food.

As time goes by, we improve, by leaps and bounds. By the end of the semester, cooking up things was second nature to us, like walking,sleeping, or eating.

That was the good ol' days.

Fast forward to present time. We decided to have a cooking gathering to reminisce the great time we had in Liverpool. Venue was at a certain condominium unit in Penang.

We overestimated ourselves. Most of us have stopped cooking since coming back to Malaysia, that means 4 years ago. As a result, the cooking skills are long gone. We made quite a terrible mess, to the agony of the house owners, and dinner came out 3 hours late, and it took a Herculean effort to clean up the kitchen after that.

We were glad that our cooking skills remain intact. It was easy and fun cooking up various dishes, and we had a great time enjoying our food.

Hopefully there will be more of such cooking escapades to be planned in the future...

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