Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bon Appetit, Loveland

If you are following my blog, you might have realized that I am in the US for more than a week now, and you will have realized that I have not made any new posts after San Francisco.

Truth is, I have nothing much to blog about for the whole week. I'm going to the same place, called Loveland. The places all looks familiar, nothing changed. In fact I never did sightseeing after work, just dinner, and then back to the hotel.

So, I think I'll just do a run up on the food I've eaten so far...

First meal in Colorado:

During my first visit, I did not know where to eat, mostly I just eat at the steak house opposite my hotel. This time though, travelling with me is someone experienced with the place. Loveland is like a second hometown to him. So upon arrival, first place we went to was this Halal Thai cafe called The Bangkok Kitchen.

I have to say, this is a good place to sample Asian/Thai food in Colorado, or even the whole of US. Everything looks and tastes authentic, none of those Americanized nonsense. Honestly, I believe that if you cannot stomach a food at its authentic cultural state, it is better you not have it, rather than try to 'localize' it.

I had for the day, home made Thai Iced Tea, Fried Chicken and White Tom Yam. All superb.


We only go to 2 places, IHOP and The Egg & I. IHOP stands for International House Of Pancakes, but it serves from a vastly more extensive menu compared to Paddington's that we have in Malaysia. The Egg & I on the other hand, is a specialty egg house, where almost everything they serve is associated with eggs.

For the past 1 week, it is omelette, omelette, and more omelette for me on breakfast.


Lunch is a strictly 1 hour affair. We try to adhere to it and not let the Malaysian flexibility get the better of us. So usually we don't eat lavish stuff.

Mostly it's fast food, like Carl's Jr and Subway,

We went to Asian Cafe once, which is near our office, where we have those set rice ala Asian. It was here I learned a few truths about Americanized Chinese food naming.
   i. Egg Roll means Spring Roll, not something rolled up with egg as the skin.
   ii. Won Ton Soup means soup with won ton skin, not won ton with fillings inside the skin.
   iii. They have a dish called Moo Goo Gai Pan, at first I thought it was some mispronounced Cantonese for Mushroom Chicken Rice 蘑菇鸡饭, but it is actually Mushroom with Chicken Slices 蘑菇鸡片.
   iv. They have a dish that they claim originates from some warlord in China, but the dish does not exist in the whole of China's history, and they go by the name of either General Tso's Chicken, or General Tao's Chicken. Both these dishes are the same thing, you'll see the different namings in different restaurants.


I didn't take any pictures of the steak house outings, but we do go to a few. What I did take pictures of, is of another Thai meal I had, in another popular restaurant called Sri Thai. Interestingly, when we arrive at this place, the GPS announces: arriving at, Sara Thai. >.<

The taste is still quite okay here, but I still think Bangkok Kitchen is better. I had Tom Kha (Thai coconut soup) here, and another chicken dish that I forgot the name already.

And, finally got my mouth on a piece of the notorious Red Lobster meal. I had the Double Lobster dunno-matcha-matcha here, and boy oh boy, I never imagined I can get full with eating lobster. And the meal cost $24, or RM72 if you convert.


Sometimes you will feel hungry at night, and there's nothing to eat in the hotel. So we frequent supermarkets such as Wal-Mart and Target to buy some snacks for supper.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is about it for my first week adventure (or re-adventure) in Loveland.


Casendra said...

Hahaha... is it a small places over there, the loveland? :P later u bcome an egg man ..charm lo... hahahaha

RealGunners said...

haih... small is small la, but that is not the main reason why i become egg man >.<