Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fort Fun

The first Saturday in Colorado was spent hiking driving along the mountain road and hanging around in a high street.

The first Sunday though, was spent doing kids stuff. Our counterpart in Loveland invited us for some go-kart actions. Only thing is this go-kart thing is inside an amusement park called Fort Fun.

We need to purchase the amusement park pass to be able to go-kart. Since we have the pass, might as well enjoy other games that they have.

You know, when guys get involved in playing games, they forget everything else, including taking photos. We did the Go-Kart, Giant Slide, Laser Tag, Bumper Boat and Mini Golf. But all the photos and videos that I have for the day are as below. I will not attempt to talk my way out of my lack of photos... >.<

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