Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Ride @ Loveland

I originally intended to get my hands on a Cadillac CTS, unfortunately it was not to be.

Avis girl: What car would you like? We have lots of cars today, Cadillac, BMW, Sonata, Lincoln, Chrysler, Ford Fusion, even a Mustang.
Me: I'd like a Cadillac CTS.
Avis girl: Okay, let me check... ... ... oh, sorry, it seems that the Cadillac is not available. Would you like a Sonata instead?
Me: No, not Sonata, and not Lincoln. Can I have the BMW then?
Avis girl: Okay, let me check... ... ... the BMW is not ready yet.
Me: >.< ... what is ready then?
Avis girl: We have a Chrysler ready to drive off now, would you like that instead?
Me: Well, okay, whatever, yeah, fine. I'll have the Chrysler then.

So... this is my ride in Loveland, the previous generation Chrysler 300 Touring.

I have to admit, I am not super thrilled to have this car, because this is not my first choice.

And the drive is sluggish, real sluggish. I wonder if all American cars are made this way, where the car would not go unless you yank on the gas pedal hard. Big engine, no power >.<

I'm going to get a car change tomorrow though, the remote key is behaving weird and low on battery. Not sure if I still want the Cadillac, I checked the spec of both cars, they seem the same, same weight, same horsepower, same torque.

Maybe I'll try to get a Volkswagen Passat/Infiniti G35 (a.k.a Nissan Skyline)/Toyota Prius, depending on what Avis has...

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