Sunday, September 11, 2011

San Francisco 2011

[This is a long post, 29 pictures, YE' BE WARNED]

I wasn't expecting a whole load of photos in San Francisco to be honest. After all, I'm supposed to be going to be visiting the same places that I visited last year. But I was wrong.

Start the day with a hearty breakfast at Wendy's called, The Lumberjack Slam

Ham, BACON!!!, Sausages, Eggs, Potatoes, Pancakes with Maple Syrup, this is some sort of an Epic Meal. Perfect way to start the day =)

After breakfast, we headed to the sightseeing office to purchase our city tour. This time, I did not go for the so called Ultimate City Tour. We opted for the Hop On Hop Off Tour. 

This package is something like a day pass on all their buses. We just hop off where we want and hop on to the next bus coming. And the route is different, it skips Sutroz and Twins Peak for Union Square and Civic Plaza. And at $30, it is $18 cheaper.

There are many stops along the route. We were sitting on the roof top, so we could see for ourselves which stop deserves us to hop off the bus. The first stop that we opted to hop off the bus was the Golden Gate Bridge. 

I didn't expect myself to be snapping away at the bridge. In fact, I was expecting to be watching other people snapping away. But when we saw the bridge within sight, my hand responded automatically.

And when we got slightly closer, the hand responded automatically again,

and again (this time snapping on the distant Alcatraz island),

and again, when the bus reaches the tourist lookout point,

and again, at the designated viewing spot. Can see Horseshoe Bay on the other side of the bridge from here, that was where we stopped on last year's City Tour.

When we got back onto the next bus, the next spot was Golden Gate Park. I don't really care about this park to be honest, just as I did not care last year, but there was a statue of the founder of this park, John McLaren that the tour guide described about.

What's interesting about this statue was, some people decided to put the John's statue in the park without his knowledge, only for the statue to disappear after a short while. Nobody knew who stole the statue, until 22 years later, when John passed away, someone found the statue in his house. Apparently he was so embarrassed with the statue that he stolen it himself and hid it in his house.

Anyway, moving on, we arrived at a place called Alamo Square to confront something the tour guide called 'The Ugliest House in San Francisco'. According to the tour guide, he needs to shut up and not talk over the mic when we pass by, because there was once when the house owner heard him explaining the house's ugliness to tourists and threw a rock at him.

He is probably just joking. And I don't understand how this house is ugly. Hmm...

We also passed by the Civic Plaza, where the ciplak, imitation Basilica San Pietro (Saint Peter's Cathedral) resides.

Our 2nd hop off spot was Union Square.

This place is supposed to be the high street shopping district of the city, but due to my lack of research before coming, I have no idea where to explore. So we ended up walking randomly and snapping photos randomly.

We saw the famous SF Cable Car,

A stupid cigar looking statue of a winery,

A booth dedicated to oust the current President of the country (without interference from the authorities),

And a bunch of Hyatt employees going on a strike (again without interference from the authorities).

We walked all the way to the Chinatown gate,

only to realize the Chinatown here is much like the stupid Chinatown of Liverpool. The gate is just the gate, the actual spots full of Chinese shops and restaurants are scattered around a huge area. The shops near the gate are mostly operated by Mexicans >.<

We hopped on to the next bus and went back to Fisherman's Wharf which is very near our hotel.

This place, really not much photos taken, apart from the big crocodile sour dough being made by the folks at Boudin. The rest of the place, refer to my post last year.

By the time we're done, it was already 5.30pm. So we headed back to hotel to take a rest and shower, and then headed out for dinner.

The place we went to is called Joe's Crab Shack.

I couldn't take any nice photos of the place, because the lighting was very dim.

This place is all about seafood and crabs, and I did not find them interesting to be honest. I did find something interesting in the drinks menu though.

Have you ever heard of such a thing as a 'grown-up root beer float'? LOL-ed

Anyway, I did not order that. I ordered plain water, and a Joe's Classic Steampot.

The pot consists of crabs, shrimps, 2 potatoes, a stick of corn and a jumbo sausage.

Very fulfilling, and very high cholesterol.

If you noticed, the first photo and the last photo of this blog post officially signals that the result of my efforts of basketball shooting/jogging for the past 3 months has officially gone down the drain...

So I shall go to sleep now and continue eating tomorrow. Ciaoz~

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