Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Straights Quay @ Penang

Straights Quay is a new seafront establishment in Penang island. Well, not exactly new, just much newer than places like Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. It's part of a bigger development area called Bandar Tanjung Pinang.

I like Straights Quay as a place, during weekdays. There's not many visitors, there's a nice sea view, some nice boats to see, and a few nice places to sit down, have a drink, and relax. Perfect place to get away to when you are feeling frustrated/depressed/confused/any bad emotions.

While I like this place as a place, what I don't like, is the roads and the amount of traffic I have to weave through to get here. Even worse is the exact same amount of roads and traffic to weave through when heading back, which more or less rendered the relaxing session pointless... >.<

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Casendra said...

Look grand and tranquil... thanks for sharing... take taxi there expensive ah? :p Just to avoid the traffic. hehehe