Saturday, November 26, 2011

Business Trip @ JB

I have been putting this off for far too long, sorry for the delay, have been busy playing Drag Racing on Android settling tonnes of work that was pending due to my enforced 3 weeks away from Penang.

Anyway, I really do not wish to talk much about this trip. Because the only pictures that I have are those of food, food and more food... >.<

I don't want to show off how much good food I ate. They are just minor compensations for the tremendous shifts we put in when we travel. I mean, really minor.

It pisses me off when I get people telling me things like: "Good lah you, can get to travel, eat good food, stay in hotel, bla bla bla..."

And believe me, I do get a lot of people spewing those shit to me...

Guys, and girls, sometimes you have to understand, when the company sends us for travel, it is not for holiday. There are heavy duty things that we need to deliver, and the pressure to deliver them on time is 10 times usual. Yes we get to eat nice food, stay in nice hotel, but do know that we spend most nights working in the hotel as well.

Really not such a fun experience to travel frequently...

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kinsahi @ KSL City, JB

Sorry for the lack of updates the past 3 weeks, have been working, working and working like there's no tomorrow that every night, I got so exhausted. Things that require serious thinking, like blogging, is a task beyond me... but I'm back now...
Couple months back, on my last visit to JB, we discovered the best Japanese restaurant in Malaysia.

It was regrettable that I did not take photos of the wonderful superb awesomesauce fresh sashimi last time round. I was sure to not make the same mistake this time.

Maguro Sashimi, Shake Belly Shashimi

Thicker than your chopstick, I no bluff you one

We ordered like mad the last time round, this time we were smarter, just some simple dishes...

Agedashi Tofu

Torikaraage and Okomoniyaki Stick

Imperial Ebi Maki

Food was still same great as was before, totally justified to coming back again, and again, and again...

Ah Piaw 亚标云吞面 @ JB

This is not the first time I go to JB on business trip, but it is the first time I am driving instead of flying.

And it did not go too well. 100km from JB, the jam began. I underestimated the number of Malaysians working in Singapore.

As a result, it took me 2.5 hours more than expected to arrive. Checked into the hotel at 10pm, and headed out for late late dinner around 10.30pm.

A colleague has been recommending a certain wantan mee shop that he said we must try, and it only operates after 10pm.

So, Ah Piaw Wantan Mee 亚标云吞面 it is...

Mind you, they're really doing serious business. They specialize in just wantan mee, but they operate in 2 shop lots as well as the open area outside the shops. All their tables were full.

We had 1 standard and 1 spicy noodles, and an extra bowl of wantan.

Nice or not nice? Well... I can only say it is subject to the taste of individual people. For the KL taste in me, this one wins Penang wantan mee by 10 streets, but still lose to KL version by a few miles. KL wantan mee FTW!

I also took some pictures of the Taiwanese snack stall that operates alongside Ah Piaw,

No I did not eat these, I just took photos, I swear!!

PS: Wantan = some sort of mini meat dumpling, mee = noodles, wantan mee = dumpling noodles.