Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ah Piaw 亚标云吞面 @ JB

This is not the first time I go to JB on business trip, but it is the first time I am driving instead of flying.

And it did not go too well. 100km from JB, the jam began. I underestimated the number of Malaysians working in Singapore.

As a result, it took me 2.5 hours more than expected to arrive. Checked into the hotel at 10pm, and headed out for late late dinner around 10.30pm.

A colleague has been recommending a certain wantan mee shop that he said we must try, and it only operates after 10pm.

So, Ah Piaw Wantan Mee 亚标云吞面 it is...

Mind you, they're really doing serious business. They specialize in just wantan mee, but they operate in 2 shop lots as well as the open area outside the shops. All their tables were full.

We had 1 standard and 1 spicy noodles, and an extra bowl of wantan.

Nice or not nice? Well... I can only say it is subject to the taste of individual people. For the KL taste in me, this one wins Penang wantan mee by 10 streets, but still lose to KL version by a few miles. KL wantan mee FTW!

I also took some pictures of the Taiwanese snack stall that operates alongside Ah Piaw,

No I did not eat these, I just took photos, I swear!!

PS: Wantan = some sort of mini meat dumpling, mee = noodles, wantan mee = dumpling noodles.


Casendra said...

Hehehe... looks nice pun. Wei, what is FTW??

RealGunners said...

For The Win~~

Casendra said...

ooo learn something new today :D