Saturday, December 31, 2011

Retrospective 2011

I know it's New Year Eve today, and I should be laying my fat ass somewhere else instead of in my room running tests remotely. But fact is fact, I'm working on a pathetic Saturday noon, no point feeling sorry for myself eh?

So, while waiting for the test to run, I figured it would be a good idea to review the past 364.5 days from my perspective, see whether I meet my own expectations or not.

1. Save serious money - RM5000 minimally.
Meet expectation. I think I'm moving along quite well in this direction, not going to reveal how much I have, that's sort of sensitive information, but I'm staring at 2012 with more hope.

2. Investment - read 2 books on investing, increase my gold savings account content appropriately, prepare for investment year 2012. 

I've read 5 books, I didn't put as much money on gold as I would have liked, but that's because of some crazy things happening in the global economic scene. In fact I moved the money out for a couple of months, going to go back in again in the few weeks.

3. Sports - Basketball shooting accuracy to 70% field goal, at the moment it is 30% field goal rate; jog 1 whole lap around the company non-stop (2.5km), now only manage half lap.
I hit 60% somewhere in June, I think. Then it sort of stopped improving, so I switched to free throws and 3-point throws. Guess what, last week I tried 1 round of 5 point shots, I hit 86 out of 100! I didn't jog much though, so am not sure if I can last 1 whole lap now.

4. Turn from Fat Buu to Kid Buu - third time mention, this time must success!!! If I can manage to achieve #3, should be no problem for this.
I managed to get my weight from 104kg down to about 96kg. Granted, that was still some way short of ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) for me, which is 88kg and below, but it was like, what, 8kg reduction in about half a year. And that was achieved without involving extreme workouts and diet ala starving yourself, just regular basketball shooting sessions and not overeating.
Then I went to the US on business trip for 3 weeks in September, followed by another 3 weeks business trip to JB in November. I don't wanna mention what happened after that.

5. Improve EQ - remain stress free (which is easier said than done), and help friends to remain stress free.
Fail, I'm barely able to cope with the stress by sighing a lot to release the steam. And I don't sleep well, waking up at 3-4AM in the morning is the norm for me.

So, what d'ya think?

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