Monday, January 16, 2012

The McD Syndrome

Am currently at McD watching my beloved Gunners being pressed by Swansea.

There's a group of guys, 9 of them, USM students presumably. They are taking up 3 tables and combining them. I suppose I should be glad because they are urging on van Persie as we speak. But I'm not.

Between them, their total purchase were 3 sundae cones and 2 Cokes. And they took up half of the outdoor section where the TV is. Then there's another party of 3 standing nearby with their tray of McValue meals, watching helplessly as there are no more tables. The 9 dudes looked at them briefly, and then turned their attention away.

Why can't these blokes give up 1 table and stand so that people with food can sit down and eat? Is this the manners that they learn at school?

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