Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 1 @ Loveland

Sorry for not blogging for the past week or so, have been recovering from jet lag. It gets slower to adjust as age begins to catch up on you...

I'm gonna update what I've been up to for this week, which is not much... Please don't expect an avalanche of photo, I've been here for the third time now, don't expect me to be that trigger (camera) happy with things...

Basically, I've been trying to eat healthy and take photos of what I eat to let my sis show my mom and avoid taking photos of the less healthy stuff that I eat so that she don't nag at me...

Simple and Fit meal (under 550 calories) @ Applebee's Fort Collins.

Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli @ Cafe de Bangkok

Meatless Tom Yam @ Cafe de Bangkok

At first it was sad to see Bangkok Kitchen being sold and reincarnated as Cafe de Bangkok, the owner decided to go back to Thailand. But the new owner came from Thailand as well, and you can hear the chefs shouting at each other in Thai in the kitchen, which is a good sign. And that good sign did translate to the dishes. Well done! Only thing is that it became non-halal now. The steadfast Malaysian Muslims will have to be careful when ordering their food here now...
Being in Colorado now means having to deal with extremely cold weather, and lots of snow...

I know, you might think, "Good lah you! Can experience winter snow!"

That thought would be mostly valid, unless I will be here for 3 weeks, not 3 days...

The winter gives you cracks on your lips and skin, only that it is a slow process and the pain gets worse day by day...

The snow also makes it extremely dangerous to drive on the roads if you are not careful, especially when they've turned into ice...

And the snow is dirty, all mixed up with mud and dirt, it is very obvious every morning when the snow truck piles them up high...

If you are gonna be here for anything more than a week, it is not fun at all...

I'm sorry mates, but Winter Sonata doesn't happen in real life. If you walk through snowing, the only thing you will cuddle is your big fat jacket, not your girl/boy...

Another thing I did was bring a colleague on a tour of Denver before he left...

Not that I know much of Denver actually...

 Colorado Broncos home field - it used to be called Invesco Field, changed sponsor already it seems...

 Poor bear still sitting out there, just as it was last September @ 16th Street Mall...

Of course... when you are in Colorado's (or even the States') home of the breweries...


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Union Square @ San Francisco

This should be the last of my San Francisco post for this trip...
Exiting Chinatown means entering the shopping district of San Francisco, an area surrounding Union Square.

The park itself is quite nice and relaxing...

It is also quite a romantic place to hang out with your loved ones...

In fact it was so romantic that I spotted 2 gay couples sitting in the park... I failed to capture those moments though -.-"

Back to the topic. Although the Union Square Park is pretty nice and cosy, sadly it is not the main point of the area. What is the main point? These below are the main points...

Banana Republic

Loehmann's - expensive stuff inside




Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo


Levi's, Nike, Giorgio Armani

I saw something interesting inside Niketown, which is 5 floors of Nike awesomeness.

Nike Elevator - not for people, but for Nike items.

Macy's -  the first picture of this post was taken on the 7th floor (top floor) of Macy's



Ferrari FXX Ride On Car - This toy sells for $2995. It puts the dads who buy iPads for their kids to shame. Time to bring it to a whole new level eh?

There's also Timberland, Forever21 and Ross that I failed to take photo of. And I'm sure there's a million more shops that I missed.

The cable car also ends their journey and makes the U-turn here.

For $5 you can take the ride from here all the way back to Fisherman's Wharf.

Sadly, I did not take the ride. The cable car was going at a speed of 20% faster than me, and the queue was super duper long. I opted to make my way back to the hotel by foot, the same way that I came, the whole 2 miles.

Once I made it back to the hotel, I collapsed immediately, and then woke up at night for dinner. This is also the reason why I cannot sleep at night now even if it is 3-4AM in the morning, and thus blogging.

Chinatown @ San Francisco

They say, San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest and the most happening one in the States. I could not compare it with other Chinatowns in this country, I especially could not compare it with the one in Colorado, because there's none over there >.< .

But.. it is happening, and it is bloody crowded...

Stockton Street - start to see a lot of Chinese faces here, and the crowd suddenly appears.

Broadway - another main road in down town San Francisco.

Actually there's nothing special about this Broadway. It's just that my first destination is located here.

Hing Lung Restaurant - home of the lobster porridge.

Hing Lung Restaurant - the inside is empty, even the tables and chairs are no where to be seen.

This is a major major disappointment. I have walked 1 mile to come here, only to find it not only did not open for business for the day, but it looks like it was closed down. Apparently, they got their license revoked a couple months ago after some environmental safety people came and audit them and failed them.

Chagrin chagrin chagrin...

I was famished by then, so I had no choice but to look for alternatives nearby.

I found that alternative just next door.

Yuet Lee Seafood Restaurant - 悦利海鲜饭店 these photos on their wall did the trick to lure me into the shop.

Yuet Lee Seafood Restaurant - 3 Roasts Fried Rice 三烧炒饭, the portion is easily that of 2 pax. I had half and packed the other half with me. The taste is not bad actually, it does not betray the meaning of fried rice the way those jokers in Colorado do.

Grant Avenue - Now I know, Citibank's Cantonese name is called 花旗银行.

Grant Avenue - Look at the crowds. There is a festival kind of booths set up along the road, I guess Chinese New Year mode is not over for here. But I noticed that most of the booths are Beijing Olympics themed. Not sure what is the reason for this 4 years delay -.-" .

Grant Avenue - More crowds. This is what we call Chinatown. In the battle of oldest Chinatown of the country between US and UK (Liverpool), US wins.

Dragon Gate - the touristy official entrance of Chinatown, I actually exit rather than enter here.

The exit of Chinatown also marks the entrance into another area, which also means to wait for the next post...

Walking Tour @ San Francisco

I haven't been dropping any hints in the blog, I'm on business trip mode again. Am currently in San Francisco for the weekend, before flying into Denver, again.

It's my third time to the States a.k.a my third time to San Francisco. And I am flying alone this time. So...

Screw the bus tours, I ain't gonna go visit the Golden Gate Bridge or Pier 39 no more. I wanna do things that I did not manage to do the previous 2 times, things that bus tours will not cover.

If you are interested to read about the bus tours, here's my entries for trip 2010 and trip 2011.

There were 2 things on my wish list:
1. Have lobster porridge at Hing Lung Restaurant, and properly walk around Chinatown.
2. Properly explore the shops around Union Square.

With that in mind, I set out on foot from the hotel. I plan to walk to my destinations, which adds up to about 2 miles, and then take the cable car back when I got tired.

This post is about my walk towards my destination, street by street. I shall let the photos talk more than my words...

(All the photos you see is courtesy of my Note. I did not bring any camera with me for this trip).

Leavenworth Street - This is a very steep uphill road right outside my hotel (Holiday Inn Fisherman's Wharf). Luckily it was the first and also the worst road I had to take.

Lombard Street - The world famous Lombard snake hairpin.

Lombard Street - the other side, facing the sea, which is right behind the little hill in the distant. This is also the direction I will be headed.

Columbus Avenue and Lombard Street intersection - finally made it to the main road.

Columbus Avenue - this is a 1km stretch of main road that cuts across down town San Francisco, diagonal to all the other streets. The road signs also refers to this road as Corso Cristoforo Colombo, whatever language that is.

Some church looking building along Columbus - sorry, I couldn't see the name of this building, and I couldn't care less.

Washington Square - also located along Columbus. I presume the statue is George Washington. There were a few clusters of people practising various sects of Tai Chi in the park.
Washington Square - another angle.

Columbus Avenue and Stockton Street intersection - sorry, the sun was too bright, I could not see properly what I was snapping.

Stockton Street - the beginning of Chinatown territory,

which also means, wait for the next post.... to be continued...

Saturday, February 11, 2012


721: 槟城何时是出名炒面线的?

726 727: 阿婆姜茸饭和阿公姜茸饭有什么分别?

Thursday, February 09, 2012

License Renewal

Let me describe the overall process of my driving license renewal this morning at the post office...

1. I passed my original driving license to the man at the counter.
2. He asked me: "How many years?"
3. I replied: "1 year."
4. The man opened a drawer and took out a slip.
5. The man laminated the slip on a laminating machine.
6. The man passed me the renewal slip and said: "RM32 please."
7. I paid the money, took the slip and my original driving license, and left.

As you can see, the renewal slip is already printed with my name and IC number. I have absolutely no idea when was that printed.


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Letter to the Cafeteria

Dear 'we-hear-you' cafeteria vendor,

Just want to let you know, while you were busy hearing us out and raised the price of your pathetically small portioned 2 vege 1 meat mixed rice from RM2.90 to RM4.10, fortunately we discovered a place that refuses to hear us and keep prices low.

We got this at a certain coffee shop at Sg Nibong. For RM3.70, we get a properly portioned 2 vege 1 meat meal. It is also interesting to note that it comes with free soup and iced tea. Also the selection of dishes available is easily 3 to 4 times that of your offerings.

Last but not least, fyi, since you raised your prices, I had only had 1 lunch in the cafeteria, and that was because I had no choice and had to have a quick lunch. I guess that is the ultimate goal of your price hike exercise, to drive the crowd out during lunch time. I'm glad to say it looks like a success so far.

Please keep up your good work.