Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chinatown @ San Francisco

They say, San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest and the most happening one in the States. I could not compare it with other Chinatowns in this country, I especially could not compare it with the one in Colorado, because there's none over there >.< .

But.. it is happening, and it is bloody crowded...

Stockton Street - start to see a lot of Chinese faces here, and the crowd suddenly appears.

Broadway - another main road in down town San Francisco.

Actually there's nothing special about this Broadway. It's just that my first destination is located here.

Hing Lung Restaurant - home of the lobster porridge.

Hing Lung Restaurant - the inside is empty, even the tables and chairs are no where to be seen.

This is a major major disappointment. I have walked 1 mile to come here, only to find it not only did not open for business for the day, but it looks like it was closed down. Apparently, they got their license revoked a couple months ago after some environmental safety people came and audit them and failed them.

Chagrin chagrin chagrin...

I was famished by then, so I had no choice but to look for alternatives nearby.

I found that alternative just next door.

Yuet Lee Seafood Restaurant - 悦利海鲜饭店 these photos on their wall did the trick to lure me into the shop.

Yuet Lee Seafood Restaurant - 3 Roasts Fried Rice 三烧炒饭, the portion is easily that of 2 pax. I had half and packed the other half with me. The taste is not bad actually, it does not betray the meaning of fried rice the way those jokers in Colorado do.

Grant Avenue - Now I know, Citibank's Cantonese name is called 花旗银行.

Grant Avenue - Look at the crowds. There is a festival kind of booths set up along the road, I guess Chinese New Year mode is not over for here. But I noticed that most of the booths are Beijing Olympics themed. Not sure what is the reason for this 4 years delay -.-" .

Grant Avenue - More crowds. This is what we call Chinatown. In the battle of oldest Chinatown of the country between US and UK (Liverpool), US wins.

Dragon Gate - the touristy official entrance of Chinatown, I actually exit rather than enter here.

The exit of Chinatown also marks the entrance into another area, which also means to wait for the next post...

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