Sunday, February 12, 2012

Union Square @ San Francisco

This should be the last of my San Francisco post for this trip...
Exiting Chinatown means entering the shopping district of San Francisco, an area surrounding Union Square.

The park itself is quite nice and relaxing...

It is also quite a romantic place to hang out with your loved ones...

In fact it was so romantic that I spotted 2 gay couples sitting in the park... I failed to capture those moments though -.-"

Back to the topic. Although the Union Square Park is pretty nice and cosy, sadly it is not the main point of the area. What is the main point? These below are the main points...

Banana Republic

Loehmann's - expensive stuff inside




Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo


Levi's, Nike, Giorgio Armani

I saw something interesting inside Niketown, which is 5 floors of Nike awesomeness.

Nike Elevator - not for people, but for Nike items.

Macy's -  the first picture of this post was taken on the 7th floor (top floor) of Macy's



Ferrari FXX Ride On Car - This toy sells for $2995. It puts the dads who buy iPads for their kids to shame. Time to bring it to a whole new level eh?

There's also Timberland, Forever21 and Ross that I failed to take photo of. And I'm sure there's a million more shops that I missed.

The cable car also ends their journey and makes the U-turn here.

For $5 you can take the ride from here all the way back to Fisherman's Wharf.

Sadly, I did not take the ride. The cable car was going at a speed of 20% faster than me, and the queue was super duper long. I opted to make my way back to the hotel by foot, the same way that I came, the whole 2 miles.

Once I made it back to the hotel, I collapsed immediately, and then woke up at night for dinner. This is also the reason why I cannot sleep at night now even if it is 3-4AM in the morning, and thus blogging.

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