Sunday, February 12, 2012

Walking Tour @ San Francisco

I haven't been dropping any hints in the blog, I'm on business trip mode again. Am currently in San Francisco for the weekend, before flying into Denver, again.

It's my third time to the States a.k.a my third time to San Francisco. And I am flying alone this time. So...

Screw the bus tours, I ain't gonna go visit the Golden Gate Bridge or Pier 39 no more. I wanna do things that I did not manage to do the previous 2 times, things that bus tours will not cover.

If you are interested to read about the bus tours, here's my entries for trip 2010 and trip 2011.

There were 2 things on my wish list:
1. Have lobster porridge at Hing Lung Restaurant, and properly walk around Chinatown.
2. Properly explore the shops around Union Square.

With that in mind, I set out on foot from the hotel. I plan to walk to my destinations, which adds up to about 2 miles, and then take the cable car back when I got tired.

This post is about my walk towards my destination, street by street. I shall let the photos talk more than my words...

(All the photos you see is courtesy of my Note. I did not bring any camera with me for this trip).

Leavenworth Street - This is a very steep uphill road right outside my hotel (Holiday Inn Fisherman's Wharf). Luckily it was the first and also the worst road I had to take.

Lombard Street - The world famous Lombard snake hairpin.

Lombard Street - the other side, facing the sea, which is right behind the little hill in the distant. This is also the direction I will be headed.

Columbus Avenue and Lombard Street intersection - finally made it to the main road.

Columbus Avenue - this is a 1km stretch of main road that cuts across down town San Francisco, diagonal to all the other streets. The road signs also refers to this road as Corso Cristoforo Colombo, whatever language that is.

Some church looking building along Columbus - sorry, I couldn't see the name of this building, and I couldn't care less.

Washington Square - also located along Columbus. I presume the statue is George Washington. There were a few clusters of people practising various sects of Tai Chi in the park.
Washington Square - another angle.

Columbus Avenue and Stockton Street intersection - sorry, the sun was too bright, I could not see properly what I was snapping.

Stockton Street - the beginning of Chinatown territory,

which also means, wait for the next post.... to be continued...

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