Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bersih 3.0 @ Penang Esplanade

I was undecided whether to go or not until almost the last minute. But my friend offered to fetch me, no need me to drive. And, this is Penang, Uncle Lim's territory, if my KL friends are willing to brave the tear gas and water cannons, what excuse do I have?

And, 身为大马人, 如果不去Bersih, 同条咸鱼有乜分别? (As a Malaysian, if you don't attend Bersih, what difference do you have with a piece of salted fish?)


Left: Self bought, Right: Bersih organizers provided 

The road blocks and traffic jams were non-existent here

Arrived at 1.45PM, there are already some crowds gathered in the centre of the field

2PM, we were alternating between standing and squatting near the middle of the crowd 

2PM, behind me 

 2PM, on my right side

It was quite difficult to find a good spot to really 'duduk', it was drizzling the the field was all wet.. I did not do much sitting to be honest, but then, I believe even standing in this crowd beats sitting down in front of your computer by a thousand miles...

 2.30PM, yellow balloons releasing ceremony, Uncle Lim just arrived to the scene

3PM crowd, we already moved to the side, and somewhere closer to the front 

3.30PM crowd, we already moved 'upstairs', near to where the organizers were, overlooking the masses

When we arrived, the crowd was in the hundreds. By 2PM, the crowd was a positively 5000 strong. By 3.30PM, the crowd definitely swell to more than 10000. The gods were nice to us, it was drizzling lightly all through the rally, there was no hot sun. It only began to rain more heavily 10 minutes after the gathering ended.

I know our KL counterparts were getting it rough with the tear gases and water cannons, no such thing over here, it was like a party atmosphere. I think those thugs dare not mess around in Uncle Lim's territory.

If you read from the newspapers and watch the TV3 news saying the crowd is just few hundred or 2000, and that we disbanded due to heavy rain, please be assured that those are bullshit.

Lastly, show you a short clip of Penang people's Bersih passion...

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