Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bersih 3.0

It seems that there is not much hype and publicity for this round, is it? I wonder if Ah Jib Gor has acquired some smart strategist services..

I will attempt to guess what will happen on the actual day:

1. There will be no police or RELA anywhere near the hotspots. They will be replaced by BN thugs.
2. The thugs will attempt to provoke the attendees to whack them and get into violent confrontations.
3. Mainstream media reporters will appear in full force to capture the scenes as said in #2.
4. Next day, the TV3 news and all those newspapers would publish these scenes in front page.
5. Jibby and company will come out and claim: "See, I told you so. Demonstration = violence, and the police are there to protect you."
6. Our parents would read the newspapers and agree. Actually they will agree with almost anything the newspapers said.

Hope my predictions go wrong...

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