Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yesterday was the first time we actually did an evacuation that wasn't a drill (and hopefully the last time as well)...

I was at my cubicle discussing some work stuff with a colleague when I suddenly felt my chair shaking. I thought my colleague was fooling with me and kicking my chair. Suddenly everyone was on their feet, and I noticed a sign tag hanging on the wall shaking.

I look at him, he look at her, she look at me, everyone looking at each other for a few seconds, then we realized what's going on. Amazingly, everyone was very calm and composed, we just made our way out of the office building through the emergency exit in swift order.

I wasn't in Penang when the tsunami struck in 2004, so I didn't know how it felt like, but colleagues told me the shake this time is more obviously felt. Last time, nobody evacuated. Thank God/Allah/Buddha/Zeus/whatever you are praying that there is no tsunami this round.

I wonder if this is really a prelude to the main event... it feels much like living the "2012" movie...

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