Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Bersih is Apolitical

It pissed me off great time when I was at the padang the other day when there were a few dickheads shouting "REFORMASI! REFORMASI!" amidst the crowd that were chanting "BERSIH! BERSIH! BERSIH!"

It also pissed me off that when PKR's people arrived, they carried with them a banner with both PKR's logo and Bersih's logo together, as if PKR is a sponsor for Bersih.

Good thing Uncle Lim and gang had the decency to not do that, all of them wore Bersih attire, and no rocket logos were seen throughout.

Fuck off, Anwar's goons, don't sodomize Bersih's noble intention. Bersih is all about demanding free and fair elections. All we want is a fair fight between BN and PR. If BN wins fair and square, so be it.

Bersih is NOT about toppling BN, Bersih is NOT about ABU, they are totally different concepts. If you monkeys can't grasp this, then you are no better than UMNO.

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