Monday, October 29, 2012


Over breakfast this morning:

Colleague: 你知道吗,我现在驾车啊,看到那些骑脚车的人在马路上走酱慢,几TL啊!
Me: 你知道吗,那些骑脚车的人,看到你驾车,他们却可怜到要骑脚车,他们更TL啊...


Colleague: Do you know, nowadays when I drive, I see those cyclists going so slowly on the roads with their bicycle, I am so TL (annoyed ala Hokkien vulgar mode)!
Me: Do you know, those cyclists, when they see you driving in a car, while they are so pitiful to be on a bicycle, they are more TL...

Moral of the story: there are always 2 sides of the coin... chill man, it is Monday. ^^

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