Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Dreaded Inevitability

I watched a movie today, this one:

Well the trailer seems kind of confusing I suppose, it basically tells the story of a man and his computer's operating system that is sort of sentient, falling in love. Well imagine a man falling in love with Siri of his iPhone, I suppose that's the closest description for you to imagine it if you don't watch the movie itself.

It is not a horror story, but it is kind of creepy watching a man trying to do things that you usually do with a girl, with an awareness that resides within a computer/phone. Unless you feel dating your iPhone or having verbal sex with Siri (wait a minute, doesn't that sound like masturbating??) is acceptable and not creepy.

By the way, I actually watched this movie because I saw Scarlett Johansson's name being printed on the poster, turns out she only appear as the voice of the OS LOL!

This movie made me think back to few months ago when I was still in Loveland and was an avid Netflix user. I remember watching 2 episodes of a crappy anime series called Chobits. It tells the story of guys dating persocoms. A persocom is a shortened name for personal computer, it is basically a robot built to look like a super hot girl that does things that a computer does, and can be programmed to do just about anything. So there you have it, guy dates robot girls.

I feel deeply unsettled that this concept of human x artificial intelligence relationship begins to make its way into the screens. This means some guys somewhere is already dreaming or hoping for this kind of thing to happen one day.

It doesn't help that people nowadays have low tolerance and high expectations when searching for their partner. I fear it won't take long before more and more people begin to hope for such easy solution, if you cannot find a perfect man or woman, you build something that resembles one. When enough people have such crazy wishes, then there will definitely be some companies crazy enough to provide to such demands.

I hope this crazy shit does not happen at least while I am still alive...

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