Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sore Thumb

I have another sightseeing post from my Japan trip, but have been procrastinating for more than a month to get it done. Maybe I'll do it tonight... or tomorrow night... or over the weekend... or next year... or whatever...


I had another silently-having-the-opposite-perspective-compared-to-my-peers moment a couple of days back. Actually I've been having this kind of moments on and off since entering the working world.

I met an outside vendor with a colleague, the vendor was supposed to come in and verify a few of the instruments that we purchased from them but had drifted out of spec. Apparently, that guy was new, and he came unprepared and not knowing what to do. In fact, he came empty handed, without bringing with him any tools that he can use to perform the verifications. Naturally we were disappointed. What happened next:

[What I had in mind]
I ask the vendor: "If you come empty handed, how are you going to verify whether your instruments has drifted? And how do you plan to perform the verifications?"
I send him back with a stern reminder to be prepared and arrange for him to come back tomorrow.

[What actually happened]

The colleague black faced the vendor and said to him: "Eh hello?! You bring 两疏蕉 come, do what?? Do you know what you are doing?! Verify with your fingers??!"
The vendor got panicked and replied: "Sorry sir, I'm new to this job, maybe I can.."
The colleague interrupted and shouted: "I don't care you are new! This is your job, and you don't know how to do it!"
The colleague stormed off with a promise to escalate this to the vendor's manager.


I don't really agree with the [What actually happened]. I don't agree with throwing your weight, piling pressure on people to get things done. I think this is a very stupid way to get things done. Usually, what follows is that the party being pressured panics and tries to do his "best" to fulfill you, and by "best", I mean doing magic, cutting corners, presenting something that only looks good on the surface, hiding faults, etc. A bigger bomb explodes few weeks/months down the road.

I've seen this happen many times before, sadly no one seems to be able to see this, no one seems to want to change their ways. Or maybe it is just me being a sore thumb sticking out?

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