Wednesday, May 07, 2014

How Much Is Your Porn Worth?

This happened in a certain computer shop in Queensbay Mall just now..

Me: I think my hard disk is broken, when connected to my laptop, it can power up and run, but the PC cannot detect it.
Salesman: Let me take a look.

While he was checking the hard disk out,

Me: I checked online, it is still under limited warranty. But when I try to submit for RMA, the website always returns error.
Salesman: Oh, we can do it for you, you can leave the hard disk with us.
Me: Really? Great! Are you able to recover my data for me then?
Salesman: You want to salvage your porn? Have to use third party software to do it, but it will void your warranty.
Me: ......
Salesman: If you think your porn is worth more than RM250, then we can try to recover. If not then leave it as it is and do the RMA.
Me: No, my porn is not in this hard disk I don't have porn in my hard disk.
Salesman: Then no problem, please sign here on this form for the RMA.
Me: Ok...

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Everyone is on hiatus!

This is quite unexpected, and frustrating...

I thought I was the only one who had gotten lazy with maintaining my blog, but when I try to click around on blogs that I used to follow, apparently most of them are on indefinite hiatus as well!

Damn Facebook for making everyone turn into lazy bums, including me!

Okay, on a totally unrelated but equally enjoyable matter to me, a belated Happy St Totteringham's Day to everyone in the world except delusional Spurs fans :-D