Saturday, June 07, 2014

Angry Man

I was sitting in the office the other day, pondering about my life, almost 6 years since I moved to Penang for work.

Actually I still can't believe I have been here for that long. Originally, I had only intended to work here for 2 to 3 years, then bail.

While thinking, I came to a realization, I am a much shorter tempered man now compared to 6 years ago. I get frustrated/flustered/impatient/annoyed/offended and switch into internal cursing mode much more easily nowadays. By internal cursing mode, I mean I curse my offender in my heart rather than shouting it out loud. Fortunately I still believe in avoiding conflict as much as possible.

When walking along the corridors in the office, I always find people like to stand in the middle of the walkway or in front of the doors and have a chit chat. This really pisses me off big time. Why can't these fuckers stand away from the door and at the side and not block other people's way? Do they think their dads own the company or what?!

Also, people like to walk at a leisurely pace. By leisurely pace, I mean snail pace. Now, that wouldn't be a problem, except for when there are a few of them, and they like to spread out and walk side by side, and yes, chit chatting. You know, how the Chinese say it, 一字排开. And when you say "Excuse me", they turn around and give you that annoyed look, as if you are the unreasonable one. Fuck these fuckturds! Don't they know that not everyone are as free as them? Sometimes there are people who need to walk fast to rush to attend to issues or meetings?!

When queuing up at a car park's autopay machines, most people like to chit chat or play with their iPhones while in the queue. When it is their turn, then they will put their phone away, fumble for their purse, search for the parking ticket and the money needed. Why? Why do people do that?? Why can't people spend that free time in the queue to get the parking ticket and the required money ready, and then just get on with paying when their turn arrive? You might say I am just suffering from engineer deficiency syndrome or whatever is it you want to call it, but isn't it just common sense to try to minimize everyone else's waiting time in queues whenever and in whatever way possible? Why can't people think like that?!

Driving is another source of frustration. When driving on a 3 lane road, there are always cars that stay on the fast lane driving at 40km/h. What the fuck is wrong with these drivers? If you are slow, why not fuck off into the slow lane?! Worse is, some of them, when you try to overtake them, they start to pick up speed as well. Fuck off! Just because I am overtaking you, it does not mean that I am challenging you to a race! Try to grasp that there are people who need to get to wherever they are going fast. Try to grasp that you are the asshole that is in the way!

Sometimes there are cars that drive in between lanes. And no, I don't mean for a short period of time. I have seen cars (yes, with the s, meaning many times) who drove the whole way from e-Gate to Komtar (that's about 5 kilometers) staying between the middle lane and fast lane. Maybe when they went to the driving school, their driving instructor taught them to stick to the white lines instead of in the lanes. Or maybe they are the idiot ones, when people say stay in your lane, they think it means stay on the lines. They are more dangerous than people who speed. Honestly, I think if speeding deserves a RM300 fine, these idiots deserve RM3000 fines!

Enough of ranting. My point is, I don't know since when, but I am beginning to get offended easily by stuff like this and as a result, pushes my stress and hate level over the edge. Or maybe I have always been like this, but just realized it recently. Is there anyone who thinks and feels like me? Or am I the odd one out?

Anyway, I am an angry man. When you are around me, please don't do the stuff that I mentioned above. Thanks.....

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