Sunday, June 15, 2014

England Will NOT Win The World Cup

I watched my first World Cup match this morning, 6.00AM, England vs Italy. Before the match started, I silently made some predictions:

1. England will start the first 10 minutes brilliantly.
2. Italy will take the lead.
3. England will equalize.
4. Mario Balotelli will score a goal.
5. England would fade away in the second half.

Turns out, 6 out of 6. I'm a World Cup Oracle. I think I should plunge into betting seriously this coming couple of weeks.

I watched the game in McDonald's. Basically that is the only place I can catch the action. And goodness me, it was packed with girls. All die hard England supporters. Some were accompanying guys, but there were also 2 tables of all girls gathering. Sambal party?

And no, they were not there because they think David Beckham is still playing, or that Cristiano Ronaldo plays for England. Throughout the match I hear the girls chanting "Sturridge!", "Rooney!", "Gerrard!" and even "Jagielka!". Spectacular, girls are picking up football properly at last, I think.

But then, this is not the reason why I feel the urge to blog. What I really wanted to do is take a dig at the English team. ENGLAND WILL NOT WIN THE WORLD CUP, STOP DAYDREAMING.

The English Premier League is so famous because it is fast paced, exciting, and filled with players from all over the world. It is not because the English players are so superior. Most of the English players are overpaid and overrated and most importantly over-arrogant twats.

And they don't have style. When you think of Brazil or Spain you think of their flamboyant and exciting attacking plays. When you think of Italy you think of solid defence. When you think of Germany you think of their efficient playing. England? Nothing.

In the past the English tabloids and the players will always overplay their chances, spewing crap like "WE HAVE A REALLY GOOD TEAM, WE WILL BE ABLE TO WIN THIS TIME". It appears to me kind of subdued this time around, until I read that Stevie G said: "We have no expectations this time, we don't have the pressure to perform, so I think we will stand a good chance to win." Bollocks. Same old delusional...

I'm sorry, couldn't resist saying it, once again you guys and girls who dreams that England will win the World Cup will have your hearts shattered again.

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