Thursday, June 26, 2014

Insider News: Who Will Win The World Cup 2014

Actually, this post is an experiment in SEO and it's pitfalls. I am not going to talk about who will win the World Cup in Brazil. I am not going to talk about either Neymar will beat Messi, or the other way round. What do you think I am? Paul the Octopus? When it comes to predicting football, I am more like Pele, always getting it wrongly!

I just wanted to test how much hits I am going to get in a blog post rich with SEO friendly keywords but have utter nonsense content. What is SEO? For the uninitiated, it is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.

Over the past couple of weeks, while studying the art of traffic generating writing, I came to a realization that most websites spend unbelievable amount of focus and money to ensure their websites rank top in search engines. Most of the time, really meaningful content is sacrificed so that articles can squeeze in Googlebot friendly keywords.

The other day I came across in Google, an article with the title: Piers Morgan Will Marry Taeyeon. What a shocking title, so naturally I clicked in to peek. Turns out it is a website selling golf clubs. The whole article was talking about golf clubs, until the last sentence which said: If Piers Morgan plays golf with our super clubs, even the Korean hot babe Taeyeon of Girls Generation will want to marry him.

Good job, you got me, and wasted 5 minutes of my time reading something totally unrelated to your title and heading.

Okay before I end, maybe I will try to make whoever of you who came here feel your time is less wasted. I will attempt to give you my prediction on who will win the World Cup this year. And by the way, sorry for tricking you guys into clicking this link.

Brazil will win the World Cup.

You are not making a prediction, you are just stating a fact!

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