Saturday, June 21, 2014


There are morons, and then there are morons. Or so they say...

I was sick of watching the World Cup matches at McD Sunshine Square. It does not have a dedicated TV area, so realistically there are only a couple of seats that really offer good viewing experience. So for the Italy vs Costa Rica game, I went to another McD further away.

So there was a couple sitting at the table next to mine. The girl knows her football well. The guy was telling her Italy's star player is Mario Balotelli, and he used to play for Chelsea and now Juventus. She gave him a surprised look and said: "什么?明明是 Manchester City, 还有现在不是在 AC Milan 咩?(What? It was Manchester City obviously, and isn't he now in AC Milan?)"

I am sufficiently impressed with the girl. The boy? Not so much. I wonder what will Super Mario do if he learns that somewhere in the world, there's some dude who got the facts about him wrong.

Anyway that's not the main point. I totally deviated from what I wanted to write about. Let's get back to the topic.

At half time, I was taking some time to calm down after watching Super Mario missed a sitter, and then watching Costa Rica scored a goal. I overheard the couple chatting again. No I wasn't eavesdropping, I swear to ... whatever it is you fancy. I was just sitting there and they happen to be talking in an audible range from me.

Anyway, she was asking him if he watched that Thai tranny music video that got more than 10 million views on Youtube. I'm guessing she meant this one, it is pretty popular on my Facebook feeds lately.

The girl was wondering aloud, why is it that there are so many ladyboys in Thailand compared to other countries in the world, and that it makes no sense to blame it on hormones for this situation (which I totally agree. I don't think it is more due to hormones than it is due to the social environment and exposure, because if it is due to hormone imbalance, it should be the same worldwide rather than certain countries having higher percentage than others). I am getting more and more impressed with the girl. She is really smart and employs logic in her thinking.

"Well, obviously it is because they are a Buddhist country and do not believe in God, so God punished them by making them confused with their gender!"


No, I am not making this up. These are the exact words that moronic guy spewed, and in English. It pissed me off enough for me to remember the exact words he said. 

Some of you Christian friends might feel frustrated and wonder why us outsiders generally have a less than stellar impression on Christianity in Malaysia, and why we treat those door to door preachers like leprechauns. Well here is your answer. In your midst there exist morons such as this guy who still live in medieval ages and... and... I don't know what to say...

I was pissed enough that I turned around towards their direction. I was preparing to give him a cold hard glare and a bloody piece of my mind. Turns out it was unnecessary. The girl did the job for me.

"Shut up. You know you sound like a moron, right?"

She proceeded to ignore him the whole night.

I would be honest, I am super duper impressed with this girl. If I had met her without the boyfriend, I will definitely attempt to make her my girlfriend.

Well, maybe not. It is mostly because of the moronic guy that made me aware how awesome this girl is.

Anyway, nothing happened. I don't do attached girls, no matter how hot or how awesome I find them to be. Maybe she will break up with that guy. Who knows if we might cross paths again in the future.

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Great moronic post. Nice.