Sunday, June 08, 2014


The landlord is big on making spontaneous visits. All the rental are paid by me banking in to his bank account and then sending him an SMS notifying him about it. We rarely talk over the phone. Once in a blue moon, I would call him to inform him that something is broken and needs fixing. When he calls me though, it is because he decided he has to come to the house for whatever reason, rather spontaneously.

In the past, it used to be:

Landlord : Mr Leong (actually that is not my surname, but he heard my friends call me Ah Leong, so..), can you open the door? I am at the front gate. I want to collect my letters/check something.
Me         : Huh? I can't. I'm not in. I'm at work/having lunch outside.
Landlord : Huh? Really ah? When will you be back?
Me         : Erm, in another hour or two, I think?
Landlord : Never mind then, I'll come again.

Recently, he is trying to give me advanced notice:

Landlord : Mr Leong, just to let you know ah, I'm on my way to the house now. Can you be ready to open the door in 15 minutes' time?
Me         : Huh? I'm at my hometown/in another country on business trip. I won't be back until next week.
Landlord : Huh? Aiya, okok, never mind, I call you again when I come next time.

Seriously, I think the landlord has certain expectations of me. Like, if I am not working, I should be staying in the house 24-7 guarding his house. Or, if I am going back to hometown or going away for a business trip, I should inform him, I don't know, maybe he wants to arrange someone else to babysit the house. Or something along those lines. I wonder why he can't/won't let me know earlier (like, a day or 2 in advance) that he is planning to come for whatever reasons he has.

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